How Our School Was Established

In 1901, Mori Ogai, a renowned writer, visited Iizuka and emphasized the importance of education in the local community during his interactions with the locals. His ideas were passed down through generations, culminating in the founding of Shimada Gakuen Iizuka High School in 1962. Iizuka has historically been a vibrant hub since the Edo period (1603-1867), welcoming a diverse population, including foreign residents. Our school strives to cultivate young individuals who cherish the enterprising spirit ingrained in our history. They will tackle local and global challenges with a broad perspective for the future.

What We Value


Iizuka High School has established partner school relationships with institutions in Thailand, Korea, China, New Zealand, Canada. Through these partnerships, students regularly engage with different cultures, which enhances their ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. This cultural exchange cultivates students’ compassion and creativity.

※Students perform an original haka they learned from a partner school in New Zealand at the annual sports festival.


Thanks to a cooperative agreement with the Federation of Shopping Streets and the Chamber of Commerce in Iizuka, many students have organized concerts, set up club activity booths, conducted interviews and fieldwork, and developed collaborative products with local stores. In 2022, we held the nation’s first all-school cultural festival in a shopping arcade.

※Attended by students and many community members, the event was a great success.


With its nine diverse courses and numerous club activities, Iizuka High School attracts a wide-ranging student body from various linguistic and national backgrounds. Students with unique dreams and determination come together in an environment that fosters the exchange of diverse values and engages them in high-level, friendly competition. This dynamic setting helps shape the future for these young individuals.

※The soccer club is becoming a national powerhouse, having qualified for the national tournament two years in a row!

Where We Are Now and Where We Are Headed

Iizuka High School has integrated the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and UNESCO’s priority goals, including multicultural conviviality, into its educational activities. Recognizing these internationally aligned initiatives, as well as the school’s global, local, and individual efforts, Iizuka High School has become the first private institution in Fukuoka Prefecture to receive UNESCO accreditation.

In academics, we collaborate with numerous universities, companies, and overseas schools, ensuring constant exposure to new and cutting-edge information. This year, we were designated as a DX High School by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We plan to expand our educational activities further by utilizing data and AI in cooperation with universities and other institutions.

Contact Us

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